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About BBT NFT  




We are a team of experienced individuals who came together to start the Bored Betty Tear Project. The members that compose the core team are in contact in real life, they know each other and thus work in a well-coordinated manner. We have already come a long way since beginning in December 2021. We came together without the promise of payments or benefits, we just loved the project and want to follow it forever.



We want to build an NFT collection that is "bored" but cute, trendy but original, eye-catching but affordable. 99% of the NFT collections on OpenSea come out with ZERO volume traded. We want our project to be directed by our community so that it stays strong all the time. These NFT characters will combine with a BBT game and BBT tokens which will make the collection even more valuable.



We want to create a friendly community behind this project and want our project to be managed by the people in our community. In other words, the project will be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.



Security against scammers and hackers is one of our most important principles; so we are keeping our project wallet, discord server, and social media accounts with the highest level of security. We continue forward building foundations based on slow but solid steps. We keep our work in the most secure way so that our community can rely on the project. We will not risk anything for mere dreams but will build on reality for long-term solidity.



We are not selling dreams like a Tesla car, 200% earnings every month, or becoming rich in a short time. We are not buying our customers with paid promotions. We are just building a strong community. We could spend our income on giveaways to attract people, but instead, we choose to invest our income into the project itself and make the project stronger.

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