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Phase 1 (Preparation Stage)


January 22 - April 22

✔️ Build a solid team

✔️ Deciding on NFT character

✔️ Deciding on investments, utilities, roadmap

✔️ Creating 3D 4K 10,000 NFTs

✔️ Creating social media pages

✔️ Creating discord server

✔️ Build big community and reach significant amount

✔️ Sharing roadmap with community

✔️ Whitelist and NFT giveaways to community

✔️ Creating a secure wallet for project

✔️ Preparing smart contract

✔️ Minting 10,000 NFTs on minting website

✔️ Using secondary markets

✔️ Creating project website

(1% Sold Expectation) ✅

Phase 2 (After Mint)

May 22 - August 22

📌BBT Exclusive special to Holders

⏳️Partnerships with other NFT projects, offer BBT NFT holders’ facility

✔️ Paid advertisements on social media

✔️ Monthly airdrops to holders

⏳️ Enlarge BBT core-team

⏳️ Gather a team for BBT Game

✔️ Keep floor price at 0.01eth

⏳️ BBT Game designing

⏳️ Build a workspace and team for BBT V2

⏳️ Begin works of BBT NFT V2 at background

⏳️ Invest half of the revenue from project to BBT Token

⏳️ BBT Token release

⏳️ Members staking BBT NFT yield and earn BBT token daily

⏳️ BBT Game designing

⏳️ Reach 5,000 at discord, twitter and Instagram

⏳️ Get verified on social media and minting websites


(10% Sold Expectation) ⏳️                                               


Phase 3 (Realization)

September 22 - December 22

⏳️ Own real-world office

⏳️ Weekly BBT Token Airdrop to BBT Holders

⏳️ Own land from Metaverse and build BBT Land

⏳️ Floor price rises to 0.1eth

⏳️ BBT NFT community moves to BBT Land

⏳️ Enlarge BBT core-team more

⏳️ BBT Game 1.0 release

⏳️ BBT Game players yield BBT Token while playing

⏳️ BBT NFTs transform into mutant with BBT tokens

⏳️ Minting BBT NFT V2

⏳️ BBT holders get airdrop from BBT V2

(50% Sold Expectation) ⏳️



Phase 4 (Field Force)

Q1 23 - Q3 23

⏳️ Cooperation with dressing company

⏳️ Giveaway BBT clothing to BBT Holders

⏳️ Own all royalties of BBT name

⏳️ Establishment of a legal corporation and company

⏳️ Enlarge BBT core-team more

⏳️ Providing important roles in project for committed members

⏳️ DAO community communication beginning

⏳️ Implementing community suggestions

⏳️ Testing the voting and DAO processes

⏳️ Arrange community parties and concerts

⏳️ Floor price rises to 0.5 eth


(100% Sold Expectation) ⏳️


Phase 5 (Corporation)

Q4 23 - Q3 24

⏳️ Start BBT teddy-bear toys company agreement

⏳️ Presentation of specific bear-friendly Charity Organizations

⏳️ Start of the voting process of BBT NFT holders about investments

⏳️ Distribution the funds to the chosen Charity Organization

⏳️ Transparency for traceability of funds

⏳️ BBT community works on field for charity

⏳️ Partnership with the biggest projects and websites

⏳️ System of investing BBT company in share

⏳️ BBT NFTs reach to whole world

⏳️ Arranging big meetings and briefings inside community

⏳️ Building representative offices in big counties


BBT becomes a brand in NFT world ⏳️

Phase 6 (Independence)

Q4 24 - ...

⏳️ Start of the new consensus phase

⏳️ Distribution of revenues to BBT community

⏳️ Building protection system to DAO

⏳️ Community voting on a new consensus topic

⏳️ Restart of the initial consensus circle

⏳️ DAO reaches full autonomy...

Will be updated according to growth speed ⏳️

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